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Seiko 6217-7000 World Time - Sep 1964

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

This vintage word time came to me from a customer in New Mexico who had taken it to a local watch repair facility. They removed the back, told them they could not fix the watch and then gave it back without the case-back on the watch. They said they couldn't get it back on. It was taped on and sent up to me to try and fix properly.

It was immediately clear to see why the case-back wouldn't go on, there was just years of dirt, grime and a little rust that was most likely stopping it.

Aside from the crack in the crystal and a seemingly stubborn case-back the watch also had a badly bent out of shape GMT hand.

The movement out of the case ready to disassemble.

The dial side.

Dismantling. We can see it is in need of a good cleaning.

Almost there.

The dirty mainspring in the barrel.

With the movement having gone through our 5 stage cleaning process, we were read to assemble and lubricate.

Gear train and barrel in place.

Gear train and barrel from a different perspective.

Calendar work installed.

The movement fully assembled in the case. We can see too that all the grime and rust is removed, allowing the case-back to be secured placed on once again.

The final product with new GMT hand installed.

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