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Seiko 6138-0017 ‘UFO’ - January 1972

The 6138 UFO is a classic chronograph, with its distinctive large case and shape. It was in generally good condition, except the chronograph seconds hand had fallen off and the sub register hands needed repainting.

The movement in the case.

The pushers and crown removed, you can see the flat gaskets that have gone hard. I receive a lot of complaints from people reaching out to say their pushers are jammed, this is usually the main issue.

Dial and hands removed.

Calendar work removed.

The movement side of the watch.

Top bridge taken off exposing the chronograph mechanism.

The chronograph components removed.

The watch movement then went through the cleaning machine and was ready for assembly and lubrication.

Base movement coming together.

Chronograph components and ratchet wheel being assembled.

More chronograph parts.

Complete movement assembled and lubricated.

Dial side being put together.

Dial and hadst installed. The new chronograph seconds hand has been put in place and the sub hands have been re-painted.

Movement in the case.

The finished product. The customer decided to keep the original crystal for nostalgia sake.

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