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Our workshop has one goal – The correct restoration of your vintage Seiko watch. To help us with this goal, we have over 7000 NOS Seiko parts in our reserves, as well as many more 'parts watches' we can pull from. 

Some of the Seiko movement's we service, but not limited to include:

  • 61xx series

  • 62xx

  • 63xx series

  • 70xx series

  • King Seiko

  • Grand Seiko

A complete overhaul includes:

  • An inspection of the movement & other components

  • Complete strip down and cleaning of the movement

  • Repair/replacement of worn components

  • Assembly and re-lubrication

  • Timing calibration

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of case and bracelet

  • Replacement of correct profile gaskets & water-resistance testing (when appropriate)

  • 3-day testing period – timing & power reserve

  • 12-month guarantee

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