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Seiko 6139-6005 Yellow Dial - March 1975

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

The watch came in and I instantly saw that this was in very nice condition. The case was in great shape and the dial and handset looked near perfect. Bezel was in great shape too.

The minute recording hand for the chronograph had come loose, but it was still inside the watch. You can see it wedged between the minute an hour hands.

I always store the dials safely in these great dial protection boxes made by Bergeon. Just look at that beauty!

Date code on the back of the dial.

The movement removed from the case.

Day and date disk shown.

Top plate removed.

Dismantling the chronograph components.

Barrel and train bridge removed.

Barrel bridge.

Movement almost stripped down.

The bearing for the barrel wasn't too worn in this watch, as it appears to have seen quite light use over the years but we installed the jewels anyway. It will prevent any further wear in there. Here it is with the main-plate and barrel bridge jewels installed.

With the movement cleaned through our 5 stage cleaning process, we can get to work on assembly and lubrication. Balance is installed and balance jewels are lubricated and assembled.

Centre wheel installed.

Barrel and gear train.

Movement now coming together.

Almost there.

Dial side assembly.

Dial side pretty much assembled.

Calendar all together.

Movement is in the case and ready for testing.

The final product with new crystal installed.

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